How patients feel after treatment

Each of the three (previously five) NHS homeopathic hospitals in the UK has published the findings of in-house patient surveys. Full references to the published papers can be found on the Faculty of Homeopathy website.

Patients with a very wide range of chronic conditions were asked to report how they felt after homeopathic treatment.

On average, 70% of follow-up patients seen at the homeopathic hospitals report a positive outcome from homeopathic treatment.

Bristol patient outcome study

One of the most comprehensive patient outcome surveys was an analysis of over 23,000 outpatient consultations at the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital from November 1997 to October 2003. This represented over 6,500 individual patients whose outcome was recorded at follow-up. More than 70% of these follow-up patients recorded clinical improvement following homeopathic treatment.

Clinical condition                                     % follow-up patients showing clinical improvement
Asthma (under 16s) 89%
Chronic fatigue syndrome 72%
Crohn’s Disease/ulcerative colitis 76%
Depression 71%
Eczema (under 16s) 82%
Headache/migraine 74%
Irritable bowel syndrome 71%
Menopausal syndrome 77%
Rheumatoid arthritis 70%

Many of the patients in the analysis had previously received mainstream medical intervention at the secondary care level and had either failed to respond satisfactorily or had been unable to tolerate the medication prescribed.

Homeopathy therefore may achieve positive clinical outcomes in certain conditions that have not yet been proven in RCTs, such as Crohn’s disease, depression, eczema, headache, and menopausal syndrome. Full details are given in the original article.