Sore throats are usually viral and a strep throat is generally caused by bacteria. The function of the tonsils and adenoids is to protect the throat and lungs from infection. Tonsillitis begins as a sore throat worse on swallowing. The tonsils at the back of the throat may look red and you may see white spots, the lymph glands in the neck may also be swollen – a sign the body is fighting the infection.

Homeopathic remedies have the potential, in acute situations, to give you some control over your family’s health. Please remember anything long term (chronic) is best left to a trained Homeopath, where the Homeopath will prescribe constitutionally to build up the immune system and clear up infection.

Below we have put together a few common homeopathic remedies. Choose a remedy that best matches the symptoms. Each person’s symptoms may be different.

If after 3/4 doses there is no change you may need to change the remedy or seek professional advice.
The general rule when taking homeopathic remedies is:

  1. A dose is one pill dissolved in the mouth.
  2. For a sore throat – take 1 pill every 30 minutes for 4 doses. Then every 2 hours for another 2 doses. If there is no improvement at all it is not the right remedy and a new remedy which matches the symptoms better should be chosen. If there are signs of improvement continue taking between 3 and 6 pills a day until the symptoms are gone. Generally as the symptoms lessen reduce the number of times you give the remedy. Stop when the symptoms are gone.
  3. When choosing a potency, we suggest 6c or 30c

Aconite; Use in early stages where symptoms come on rapidly, fever. Throat looks bright red, burning, tingling, smarting sensations. Glands in the neck swell and are sensitive to touch. Sensitive to cold wind, with a restless, anxious mood.
Belladonna; symptoms come on rapidly. Feverish and generally hot with burning dry throat, looks bright red with swollen tonsils, sometimes worse on right. Face flushed, hot, dry, dilated pupils, with cold hands and feet. Tongue red with white spots, just like a strawberry. Irritated by touch, noise, light and very thirsty.
Hepar Sulph; Sore throats begin during a well-established cold. Maybe yellow spots on tonsils and cough with lots of yellow catarrh in throat. External throat sensitive to touch. Cold and very sensitive to draughts. Better when covered up in bed. Hypersensitive mood, irritable and impatient. Children may have a desire for lemons or vinegar.
Merc Sol; Throat dark red and swollen. Tonsils enlarged with yellow spots. When a nasty sore throat appears with every cold. Thick yellow/green nasal discharge. Increase in saliva, dribbling, foul smelling breath. Mouth ulcers also, indent of teeth on each side of tongue and may be swollen. Neck stiff, glands swollen. Sweaty and restless at night. Very irritable mood.
Phytolacca; Tonsils look dark red and enlarged. Neck glands are very swollen, neck muscles stiff and tender. Child is very lethargic, exhausted and unresponsive, feeling fluey and aching. Worse for any heat.
Pulsatilla; Worse for getting feet wet. Throat dry and sore, lying with head high. Changing, shifting symptoms. Thirst absent, mild gentle disposition, cry easily when talking, worse for heat and heat of room, better for cool, open air, cold drinks.
Always seek the advice of a registered homeopath or your GP if symptoms persist or get worse.