family_circleThe weather is changing and winter coughs won’t be far behind!

Homeopathic remedies can be very helpful in dealing with coughs. The key is to match the symptoms of the cough to the symptom picture of the remedy.

The following are some of the most commonly prescribed cough remedies:

Aconite – Croupy, dry, barking, irritating, short, tickling cough. The cough often starts in the evening having been out in a cold, dry wind during the day. This remedy works best if taken within 24hrs of the onset of the cough.

Spongia – Again this cough is croupy, constant, DRY, barking, irritating and tickling, often in fits and usually with hoarseness. NO MUCUS (if there is any mucus with the cough then Spongia is not the right remedy). The cough is generally better for eating and drinking.

Bryonia – Dry, in fits, irritating, racking. Pain in chest, holds chest with hands when coughing. With bursting headache behind the eyes and in the forehead. Movement hurts so they will want to lie still. They will be irritable and will want to be left alone. They will be thirsty but often the effort to drink is too much. There is little mucus and eating or drinking can make the cough worse.

Phosphorus – Tickling cough. Burning in chest with oppressive, heavy feeling. Copious mucus – which can be transparent, white, yellow or green. The cough is worse for change of temperature, going from warm to cold or cold to warm. Worse for cold air and fresh air. THIRSTY – someone who needs Phosphorus for a cough will always be thirsty for cold drinks. Feels better for having company.

Pulsatilla – Constant cough during the evening, dry at night, loose in the morning. Cough is irritating, exhausting, in fits, violent. Mucus is yellow or yellowy/green and copious. A child will be teary, clingy or whiny in constant need of the parents (usually mother’s) company. Better for fresh air. They will have NO THIRST. (Phosphorus and Pulsatilla can often look alike – the best way to tell them apart is that Phosphorus will be very thirsty and Pulsatilla will have no thirst).

Drosera – When the cough is worse in bed at night think of Drosera. Barking, deep, in violent fits, often ending in retching or vomiting

Remedies are available from local health food stores, some pharmacies and your homeopath.

Find out more by talking to your local homeopath – a list of registered homeopaths can be accessed on this website home page.