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Homeopathy in Epidemic Disease

Dr. Larry Malerba discusses the history of homeopathic treatment of epidemic diseases like dysentery, cholera, scarlet fever, yellow fever, typhus, diphtheria, smallpox, and the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918.

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PODCAST – Homeopathy and Childbirth

Broadcaster Dil Wickremasinghe interviews Krysia Lynch, doula, homeopath and the chair of AIMS Ireland, Sheelagh Behan, homeopath and a representative of the Irish Society of Homeopaths and Nanni Schluenz (Midwife Nanni) a midwife specialising in homebirths.

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Exam Nerves?

Are you overwhelmed with anxiety around exam time? Read on and discover simple remedies which can help.

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Hay Fever – here’s how to help

Spring is here and for some it’s the beginning of the sneezy season! The neighbours are starting to cut the grass but not everyone is happy to smell that wonderful scent of freshly mown grass. Here are a few suggestions for remedies that can help, without side effects or drowsiness. Match your symptoms as closely as possible to one of the remedies below.

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Results from UK homeopathic hospitals

Patients with chronic conditions were asked to report how they felt after homeopathic treatment. On average, 70% of follow-up patients seen at the homeopathic hospitals report a positive outcome from homeopathic treatment.

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Mastitis – homeopathy can help

Every breastfeeding woman has heard of the dreaded mastitis – these are the most common remedies used to help this condition, with no adverse effects for Mum or Baby.

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Chest Infections – homeopathy may help

Dr Peter Fisher, Director of Research at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine explains the value of homeopathy in children’s upper respiratory tract and other conditions.

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