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In Promoting your Practice
Promotion of Homeopathy Nationally

Where an opportunity arises to promote Homeopathy on a national scale the ISH is keen to have members contact the Society trained media team beforehand for the following reasons:

  • It is imperative that a consistent approach is taken by us as a Society.
  • Knowledge of topical issues is crucial so that you are not lured into a “hi-jack” situation.
  • The media panel are trained for and will, at all times, put forward facts and figures as well as the values, policies and procedures of the ISH.
  • The media panel have the full backing of the Irish Society of Homeopaths.
  • The great news is that if you are asked to take part in local media activities but do not feel comfortable or feel nervous about doing it, one of the trained media panel will support, advise, rehearse with you and give you any additional information you may need.  Contact the Office for details.
Tools to promote your practice

Click here for a 42 slide PowerPoint presentation (Introduction-to-homeopathy for public ppt) which may be used as a starting point for giving a public talk. This is to help and encourage you to give talks about Homeopathy. You can personalise the slideshow by adding your name and contact details and you can edit or add/delete slides if you wish. You can also simply print out the slides and use as reminders for yourself if you do not have the facilities to present slides. It is not necessary to have fancy equipment to give a good talk. girl_running_circleWe would also suggest that you bring the talk to life by adding your own experiences, with your patients’ permission and always protecting your patients’ identities. If giving a series of talks you can add more remedies for each talk. Be careful about terminology, we do not claim to cure but it is acceptable to say something like: “People treated with homeopathy have been shown* to experience an increased sense of well-being and an improvement in symptoms such as Asthma, Arthritis etc… *Examples of studies can be cited and provide a link to the particular studies. You will find useful links on this website – look under Research for links to up to date research areas of several UK sites. Also tailor your talk to your audience. If it is to parents in a school for example, talk about children’s remedies. Above all, keep it simple and make it interesting and lively! And leave time for questions at the end.

Click here to download another PowerPoint Presentation called ‘Promoting Yourself’ from Orla Broderick to help you to promote your own practice.

See also UK homeopath Alan Freestone’s Facebook page for excellent ideas and resources.

Maximising Media Exposure

We all agree that media exposure for Homeopathy is important – the right kind that is. The ISH is eager to maximise all available opportunities for positive exposure for Homeopathy. If you are given the opportunity to appear on television, radio or in a National newspaper article, we would ask you to consult with our trained media team beforehand.

Information to help members keep in touch with their local press

toolkit_circleThe Media Policy requests members on our trained media panel should represent the Society in national media interviews because the likelihood of debate being stirred. Our trained spokespeople have research data available to quote as required. They are also trained to be calm in their approach to the media debate. Writing an article for your local press is not a problem but if the journalist approaches you always check out their plans in full. They may be writing about a news story that you have yet to hear about. If you are writing a piece or doing an interview find out who else may be involved in the article. If you are at all concerned, take the journalist’s number, say you or one of our spokespeople will call them back, then contact the ISH office. Magazines and local papers like to do lifestyle stories where they interview a patient about their experience. Organise this where you can and get them to mention you and if possible the Society at the end of the article.

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