Common daisy

By Lynda Boxwell ISHom

I picked up this sweet little daisy while in the supermarket. Isn’t it pretty; yet it’s far from a fragile little flower.  In homeopathic potency, the properties of this plant reflect its ancient healing potential.

It is very persistent. Despite being repeatedly trodden on and its flowers picked by the hands of inquisitive little children – it survives… and indeed, thrives.  In fact, regularly mowing (the lawn) makes this cheerful little daisy even stronger… as it re-seeds itself and ‘always comes up fresh… and smiling’…

Similar to its better known cousin Arnica, Bellis Perennis or common daisy, is especially useful for helping with symptoms resulting from knocks or sprains. Particularly useful for fractures which are near joints and for falls on the coccyx (tailbone) which can result in painful injury. It is a valuable homeopathic remedy to be considered for symptoms of deep crushing trauma (helpful after a mammogram). It can be useful also for symptoms resulting from injuries to the abdominal or pelvic area and where swelling remains after treatment with Arnica.

Key words: sprains, fractures, coccyx injury, crushing trauma.