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The Irish Society of Homeopaths is here to support you and your practice and we do this in a number of ways. We provide our members with up-to-date information on homeopathy, homeopathic events and homeopathic research through our website, Facebook page, newsletters and email.

For Registered members we advertise their practice details on our website.

Our trained media team can help you deal with and give advice on any media event in your local area.We provide a comprehensive CPD (Continuing Professional Development) to our members each year to help you grow and develop as a practitioner.

*Paypal charges will apply
For details about the relevant memberships and fees please click on the links below.

Membership of the ISH is open to professional Homeopaths who have qualified through a training course recognised by the ISH and students attending such courses. All our members must carry current professional insurance and agree to abide by the Society’s Code of Ethics at all times.
Find out if you are eligible to become a member: Eligibility for membership 2024

Please Note: Graduate and Registered Membership
The Irish Society of Homeopaths (ISH) provides the following guidelines for Homeopaths wishing to join as either a qualified (graduate) or registered member. We wish to make it clear that inclusion whether as a qualified or registered member does not give that member permission to work in the Irish State, should they require a work permit. In order for an application to be processed the applicant must be resident within the EU and declare they have no Criminal Record in any State.

Student Membership

Student membership is open to students of Homeopathy attending courses recognised by the ISH. A signed copy of ISH Code of Ethics MUST accompany your application (scan or photo accepted).

Student Membership cost: €70 (plus paypal charges).

Graduate Membership

Graduate members are those who have successfully completed and graduated from an ISH accredited course. It is also open to graduates from other courses on submission of: A Certificate of Qualification from a Course with a minimum of four years part-time or three years full-time where Homeopathy must account for at least 70pc of the curriculum. For those who have graduated for more than three years +3 applies and less than three years -3 applies. Graduate members are considered full members of the Society but their names do not appear on the ISH list of Registered Practitioners.

Graduate +3 Membership Cost: €240 (plus paypal charges)

Graduate -3 Membership Cost: €120 (plus paypal charges)

Registered Membership

Registration Process

Registered members are graduates from both accredited and non-accredited courses in Ireland who have entered the ISH Registration programme and successfully completed it. It is a simple next step ISH Registration Programme.

Non-accredited graduates have to undergo a separate Registration process – also set down by the ISH. Details of the process can be found on the Eligibility for Registration with the ISH PDF.

The Registration process is also open to candidates from outside the country who have the relevant graduate qualifications. These applicants have to undergo a separate Registration process – also set down by the ISH. Details of the process can be found on the Eligibility for Registration with the ISH PDF.

Only Registered ISH practitioners are listed on our website. They carry the letters IS Hom after their names.

Registration Process with the ISH: €320
Registered Membership Cost: €240 (plus paypal charges). This is the yearly renewal fee once the registration process has been completed successfully.

Associate Membership

This category is open to everybody. Please note Associate members while they receive all other benefits of membership, do not have access to the Members Area of the web-site or have voting rights.

Associate Membership Cost: €70 (plus paypal charges)

Code of Ethics

All of our practitioners must abide by our Code of Ethics and must carry full, up-to-date professional insurance. The Code protects both patients and practitioners. We take our Code of Ethics very seriously and every member signs a contract to abide by the Code at all times. Complaints against a member must be made in writing to our offices and are referred to the ISH Professional Conduct Officer. All complaints are treated in the strictest confidence.

Click here to download the Code of Ethics

Sabbaticals/Leave of Absence
In addition ISH makes provision for Registered and Graduate members to take sabbaticals or leave of absence. Inactive Membership (i.e. Leave of Absence/Sabbatical category) – annual membership subscription is 50% of the usual category. To Apply please fill out the following Application form. 
Accredited Course Providers
Please find all the necessary information on accredited course providers on our Education Page (click here).
Patients consulting an ISH Registered Homeopath may be eligible for Private Health Insurance rebates. Some of the Insurance companies which recognise Homeopathy in Ireland are Aviva, GloHealth, Laya and the Saturday Hospital Fund. It is very important that patients refer to their own policy for specific details.
Continuing Professional Development
CPD is a commitment to lifelong learning during your professional life. The Society provides a wide range of CPD seminars throughout the year. CPD seminars will provide the opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge and professional outcomes you need to have a successful practice. They give you the opportunity to network with fellow homeopaths, keep up to date with new information and trends and link you in with the international homeopathic community. They will also enable you to evaluate both yourself and your practice and help you constantly improve the quality of service you provide. If you click here you will see up and coming events and CPD workshops: News and Events.
The Irish Society of Homeopaths provides both Supervision for its members. Supervision is an essential element of homeopathic practice. Regular supervision, both one-to-one and peer supervision, is a vital support for homeopaths. Supervision provides a forum for the homeopath to examine and solve the dilemmas of day to day practice in a safe, supportive environment. It is a formal, mutually agreed arrangement where practitioners, make an agreement to discuss their work with someone who is an experienced and competent practitioner and who is trained in or familiar with the process of supervision. The Supervisors role is primarily to give attention to the therapeutic relationship between the homeopath and the patient, and to support the Supervisee to attain their own understanding of the dilemmas presented. It is task-based while being person-centred. All supervisors on the Society’s list have had supervision education and training and are themselves in supervision.
The Society’s Mentors are trained in mentoring with specific knowledge of mentoring Homeopaths undergoing the registration process. This role should not be mistaken for the role a Supervisor has to offer. A mentor is someone who has “been there, done that” before. The Mentor’s role is to support the candidate in connecting to the stated vision and aim of the Society in setting and maintaining homeopathic standards for Homeopathic Practice in Ireland. In this role they act as an interface between you and the Society. They will listen, help identify problems and areas for improvement/development in your homeopathic practice and assist you in the development and implementation of your CPD Plan. They will also help familiarise you with the Code of Ethics and Practice and the ECCH Occupational Standards for Homeopathy. It is a relationship based on mutual respect and trust in a non-judgemental environment which creates opportunities to review skills, talents and any weak areas that could be improved. Some candidates may utilise the services of a Mentor for helping to draft a CPD Plan, whilst others may use a Mentor for help with developing and marketing their practice.