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Results from UK homeopathic hospitals

Patients with chronic conditions were asked to report how they felt after homeopathic treatment. On average, 70% of follow-up patients seen at the homeopathic hospitals report a positive outcome from homeopathic treatment.

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Mastitis – homeopathy can help

Every breastfeeding woman has heard of the dreaded mastitis – these are the most common remedies used to help this condition, with no adverse effects for Mum or Baby.

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Chest Infections – homeopathy may help

Dr Peter Fisher, Director of Research at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine explains the value of homeopathy in children’s upper respiratory tract and other conditions.

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Fresh as a Daisy!

Bellis Perennis or common daisy, is especially useful for helping with symptoms resulting from knocks or sprains. Similar to its better known cousin Arnica.

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Natural remedies for winter coughs

The weather is changing and winter coughs won’t be far behind!

Homeopathic remedies can be very helpful in dealing with coughs. The key is to match the symptoms of the cough to the symptom picture of the remedy.

The following are some of the most commonly prescribed cough remedies:

Aconite – Croupy, dry, barking, irritating, short, tickling cough. The cough often starts in the evening having been out in a cold, dry wind during the day. This remedy works best if taken within 24hrs of the onset of the cough.

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BUDDLEIA - some keynotes

Buddleia is a great shock and trauma remedy, where one can be left speechless through trauma.
After witnessing a traumatic event rather than being the victim.
For abuse, either physical, sexual or psychic.
Anxiety and anticipation felt in the stomach.
Injuries to the head and spine.
Injuries as a result of birth trauma
Paralysis as a result of trauma.
NBWS electric shock, anesthesia.
Sensation of numbness, paraylsis, weakness.
Tendency to feel rising panic and feels overwhelmed.
Can be a follow up to Arnica, when its run its course.

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PULSATILLA - No 1 remedy for HEAD COLDS, thick green catarrh, feeling sorry for yourself, conjunctivitis. Also at this time of the year if Aconite has not helped at first sign of a cold go straight to Pulsatilla. Wonderful for all ages. ... See MoreSee Less

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It's our own Samuel Hahnemann at 1:37 in one of the first photographs ever taken! ... See MoreSee Less

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For more information, consult your local homeopath ... See MoreSee Less

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